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Who uses Breathalytics? Our alcohol monitoring software is perfect for Judges, Sheriffs, Jail Administrators, and Probation Officers.

Designed for Efficiency

Automated Scheduling

Automated Scheduling

Assign participants to random or fixed testing intervals. Once the parameters are set, participants are automatically notified when a test has been scheduled.

Supervisor Alerts

Supervisor Alerts

Be in the know when a participant fails or skips a test with an immediate alert. Supervisors receive a text message or email within seconds of the violation.

Robust Test Logs

Robust Test Logs

Each breath test is documented with a detailed log, including video footage. Daily, weekly and monthly overviews keep you informed of all activity.

Insightful Analytics

Insightful Analytics

Our analytics will allow you to measure and improve the effectiveness of your testing programs by tracking the rehabilitation success of each participant.

Breathalytics Software | Alcohol Monitoring Systems | Breathalyzer Kiosk | Test Session Review
Test Session Review

Be there without being there

While the breathalyzer kiosk will verify the user’s identity with a fingerprint login and facial recognition, you still have the ability to watch the footage as if you were standing there. Any attempt to trick the device is easily detectable with the fish-eye camera lens, which can see everything from the participants head to toes. The test session log will provide all relevant information about the test, including the financial transaction. In cases where a failed test has occurred, a follow-up evidentiary test can be documented in the same test log.

Automate Randomized Scheduling

Keep your participants in suspense

The purpose of random alcohol testing is to be spontaneous, creating the perception that a test can be scheduled at any moment. Predictable intervals and ample advanced notice give participants the confidence to break their sobriety. The Breathalytics scheduling feature gives you the flexibility to test participants at any time of day, with as much advanced notice as you wish to afford them. Once you have determined testing frequencies, participants will be automatically alerted when scheduled for a test.

Breathalytics Software | Alcohol Monitoring Systems | Breathalyzer Kiosk | Automate Randomized Scheduling
Breathalytics Software | Alcohol Monitoring Systems | Breathalyzer Kiosk | Collaborative Task Management
Collaborative Task Management

Open Communication Across Departments

Alcohol monitoring is a team effort that requires constant communication to hold participants accountable. When a violation occurs, it is important to distinguish who will be responding to the incident to avoid potential overlap. The Task Management board keeps everyone informed of who is handling each case, and allows for collaboration between all interested parties, from PO’s to Jail Administrators to Judges. Track each step in the case management process, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks.

Data Matters

Analytics that tell a story

What good is a spreadsheet with millions of data-points if you can’t make sense of it all? Your analytic dashboards spot interesting trends in your testing programs and present insightful feedback to help improve your efficiency. Test assumptions and refine your department’s processes over time with evidence-based decision making.

Breathalytics | Alcohol Monitoring Software | Dashboard and Analytics
Breathalyzer Kiosk

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