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Breathalytics Breathalyzer Kiosk

Automation that Stretches Your Budget

In every other area of the tech world, automation is reducing costs by eliminating tedious labor. However, in the alcohol monitoring industry, the automated solutions are the most expensive. This is about to change. The Breathalytics breathalyzer kiosk is the first fully-automated and affordable solution, stretching your budget while erasing your workload.

How it Works

Step one

Three Forms of Identity Verification

Fingerprint Login

Fingerprint Login

Not only does the fingerprint scan confirm the identity of the user, it saves valuable time by logging them in within seconds.

Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition

As the participant is scanning their finger, the kiosk will simultaneously be confirming their identity with facial recognition software.

Camera Recording

Camera Recording

In case the participant tries to switch a friend in to take the test on their behalf, a camera will record the entire test session.

Breathalytics | Breathalyzer Kiosk | Alcohol Monitoring Software | Payment
Step two

Payment Collection

Participants have two payment options. They either can pay at the kiosk with a credit card or through an online payment terminal, using PayPal, bank transfers, or a credit card. In both cases, they can add excess funds to their account and carry a balance so that they won’t need to swipe their card during each visit to the breathalyzer kiosk.

step three

Breath Test

The participant is instructed to blow into a disposable straw for several seconds, while a pressure gauge offers real-time feedback. Because ‘deep-lung air’ is the most accurate representation of a person’s BAC, the breathalyzer uses a pressure sensor to detect when air flow begins to decline before taking the breath sample.

Breathalytics | Breathalyzer Kiosk | Alcohol Monitoring Software | Blow
Breathalytics | Breathalyzer Kiosk | Alcohol Monitoring Software | Test Results
Step four

Dynamic Test Results

After the score is processed, the participant will be presented with however much information you would like to offer them. If you would like them to see their result, the screen will display their BAC. If you would prefer to conceal the score to avoid the potential of a person fleeing the facility, the message can simply say ‘Test Processed’.

Indisputable Accuracy

A standard law enforcement-grade breathalyzer consists of a single fuel cell sensor. While fuel cells are mostly dependable, they can lose calibration without any obvious indications. When this happens, the breathalyzer will simply deliver skewed test results until the next time it’s calibrated.

3 Fuel Cell Breathalyzer

The key to preventing skewed test results is to diagnose the loss in calibration before it can happen. To avoid this potential pitfall, our breathalyzer contains 3 fuel cells, which are programmed to compare the results of each test. As soon as one of the fuel cells begins to lose calibration, the other two will notice the deviation before it can deliver even a single skewed test result.

Automatic Calibration System

We didn’t stop at the diagnosis, we wanted to be able to fix the problem as well.  Rather than simply disabling the problematic fuel cell until a trained technician can calibrate the device, our breathalyzer kiosk is equipped with an automatic calibration system that will recalibrate the fuel cell without even the slightest human intervention. The kiosk continues to function accurately with no down time.

In Case You Need More Convincing…

The Breathalytics kiosk was engineered by breathalyzer kiosk experts, obsessing over every detail. Our goal is to deliver a product that encapsulates the most advanced technology the alcohol monitoring industry has ever seen.

Breathalytics | Breathalyzer Kiosk | Disposable Straws

Disposable Straws

The expense of breathalyzer mouthpieces adds up quickly. Our breathalyzer negates the need for an expensive mouthpiece with a built-in condensation-control system. Participants will blow into a simple disposable drinking straw, which costs less than a penny.

Breathalytics | Breathalyzer Kiosk | Network Reciprocity

Network Reciprocity

Some of your participants may live in one county and work in another. With our kiosk network reciprocity, participants will have the convenience of using whichever kiosk happens to be closest to them at the time they are scheduled to take a test.

Breathalytics | Breathalyzer Kiosk | Dynamic Kiosk Settings

Dynamic Kiosk Settings

What if your 24/7 Sobriety participants must pay $2 per test, and your pre-trial participants aren’t supposed to be charged at all? No problem. The kiosk recognizes each user and delivers a customized experience, catered to their individual settings.

Breathalytics | Breathalyzer Kiosk | Digital Receipts

Digital Receipts

Paper receipts are a pain to keep track of. After each test, we automatically send a digital receipt to the participant’s email that includes their payment amount, time of test, location, and all other relevant information you would like to provide.

Breathalytics | Breathalyzer Kiosk | Communication Medium

Communication Medium

Have a message you would like to get across to your participants? Our kiosk has the ability to serve digital content to the participant as they proceed through the test. If nothing else, you can offer helpful tips or words of encouragement to keep them on track.

Breathalytics | Breathalyzer Kiosk | Low Maintenance

Low Maintenance

The kiosk was engineered for absolute minimal maintenance. With the built-in calibration system, no cash to handle, and a straw box that contains 1500+ straws, you can expect no more than a few minutes a month to keep the kiosk running smoothly.

Breathalyzer Kiosk

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