Breathalytics Applications

Correctional Departments

Each correctional department has a unique set of goals and challenges when it comes to alcohol monitoring. The Breathalytics platform was built with flexibility and customizability to accommodate nearly any type of testing program imaginable.

Breathalytics | County Courts | Enabling Evidence-Based Programming

County Courts

County courts are being asked to reverse the trend of over-incarceration with very limited resources for community supervision. We want to provide Judges and Prosecutors with a new tool that enables reliable community-based supervision, without overburdening the community corrections departments.

Breathalytics | County Jails | Reducing Your Pretrial Population

County Jails

Managing a jail is extremely demanding work, requiring unrelenting focus and attention to detail. The last thing you need is additional instability from impaired inmates coming back from work release. Let us make your job a little easier by keeping your inmates sober and freeing up your staff’s time.

Breathalytics | Correctional Departments | Community Corrections

Community Corrections

As a corrections professional, your time is best spent interacting with individuals under supervision so you can be responsive to their risks and needs. Our goal is to eliminate the manual labor required for PBT alcohol screening and scheduling. Your time will be free to focus on the aspects of your job that only a skilled professional can perform.

Breathalytics | Correctional Departments | Pretrial Services

Pretrial Services

While pretrial release programs have been enormously effective at reducing the pretrial incarceration rates, there is still room for improvement. Breathalytics wants to provide pretrial release programs a more cost-effective monitoring tool that will allow non-violent defendants of any income level to await trial in their communities.

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