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Correctional Programs

The Breathalytics Platform was designed to accommodate a wide variety of correctional programs. By reducing costs and improving efficiencies, we hope to magnify your efforts to positively impact more lives.

Breathalytics | Correctional Programs | Day Reporting

Day Reporting

In addition to monitoring for substance use, Day Reporting Centers are expected to help individuals under supervision through a variety life-skill development and cognitive therapy. Breathalytics wants to free up more of their time for these hands-on activities by automating the alcohol screening portion of the program.


The Breathalytics kiosk and software platform was designed to fully automate the manual work of scheduling, testing, fee collection, and report generation. Additionally, the kiosk can be used at all times of the day, providing another layer of unpredictability to prevent attempts to get around the rules.

Breathalytics | Correctional Programs | Work Release

Work Release

Keeping your inmate population sober is essential to preventing unnecessary altercations. With their daily freedom to leave the facility, work release inmates pose the greatest risk of consuming alcohol. Eliminating this potential threat means one less thing for your staff to worry about.


Breathalytics can automate the alcohol screening portion of your booking process with a kiosk right in your entryway. Once a test is completed, the result is time-stamped and sent to the booking officer. Assuming the test is passed, your staff is able to book the inmate without any additional sobriety screening.

Breathalytics | Correctional Programs | Treatment Courts

Treatment Courts

DWI Courts, Drug Courts, and Veterans Courts have demonstrated tremendous results in changing the lives of individuals who have battled with substance abuse for many years. The program’s success is attributed to the combination of abstinence mixed with collaborative intervention from a wide range of stakeholders.


The hands-on nature of Treatment Courts requires significant human resources, which has limited its ability to expand in areas with budgetary constraints. By automating the alcohol monitoring portion of these programs at minimal costs, we hope to enable Treatment Courts to expand and help more people in need of their services.

Breathalytics | Correctional Programs | 24/7 Sobriety Program

24/7 Sobriety Program

24/7 Sobriety has demonstrated extraordinary success in reducing recidivism in South Dakota and other rural states. The data collected from these states has prompted numerous others to pass legislation to implement the program. However, pilot programs in more populous regions of the country have struggled to gain traction because of logistical and budgetary constraints.


The major burden of 24/7 Sobriety is the overwhelming volume of tests to administer each day. The Breathalytics platform can completely automate the program from on-site testing, to result tracking, to fee collection. Our goal is to eliminate these logistical headaches and allow the program to flourish around the nation.

Breathalytics | Correctional Programs | Court Ordered Supervision

Court-Ordered Supervision

Probation and Parole agencies are asked to prioritize limited resources to supervise their population based on a hierarchy of risks and needs. In many cases, alcohol monitoring does not rank highly enough on the priority list to devote the necessary resources to test individuals with any significant regularity. As a result, many individuals under supervision have the freedom to continue consuming alcohol, which can negate other efforts to create lasting behavioral change.


Breathalytics wants to give these agencies the ability to test their population at healthy intervals without consuming staff time or demanding more taxpayer money. To accommodate the varying risk levels and economic circumstances across thousands of individuals, testing parameters and can be assigned on a group or personalized basis.

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