County Courts

Providing More Tools for County Courts

We believe County Courts need more tools to address the many challenges presented by our overcrowded criminal justice system.

Breathalytics | County Courts

County Courts

Providing More Tools for our Courts

We believe that our Judges and Attorneys need more tools at their disposal to address the many challenges presented by our overcrowded criminal justice system.

Breathalytics | County Courts
Breathalytics | County Courts | Helping Reduce Jail Population and Recidivism

Helping Reduce Jail Population and Recidivism

Our courts are often asked to compromise between present needs and future considerations. More intervention today increases the chances of reduced recidivism later. But adequate intervention comes at a short-term cost. Breathalytics aims to provide a solution that doesn’t ask our courts to compromise. By significantly reducing the cost of monitoring, we hope to give courts the confidence to release more individuals back into their communities without endangering the public. And, by keeping these individuals substance-free, we hope to improve the chances of facilitating lasting behavioral changes.

Breathalytics | County Courts | Enabling Evidence-Based Programming

Enabling Evidence-Based Programming

While it may seem obvious that programs with the highest success rates should be widely adopted, these are often the most expensive to implement. Most of these programs use a mixture of hands-on treatment and frequent alcohol screening. With a more cost-effective method of alcohol screening, our customers are able to devote more resources to treatment and expand their programs. At the end of the day, our courts need the freedom to employ evidence-based decision making to sentence optimal programming, unconstrained by budgetary limitations. Going a step further, we are developing data analytics to track the effectiveness of varying testing frequencies to help the courts make more educated decisions.

Breathalytics | County Courts | How Often Should You Be Testing?

How Often Should You Be Testing?

Effective alcohol monitoring means walking a fine line between ‘constructive accountability’ and ‘detrimental overburdening’. The sweet spot is to test with just enough frequency and randomness to discourage lapses in judgment. Breathalytics wants to help you find this optimal frequency with each individual by tracking the outcomes of your testing programs. Over time, we will be able to provide analytics that indicate where these lapses in judgment are most likely to occur.

All-in-One Solution


Pre-Court Check-Ins

Set up a kiosk in your court entryway to automate check-in and prevent alcohol use from interfering with your proceedings.


Work Release

Automated alcohol screening for work release inmates entering and exiting the facility.


Specialty Courts

Randomized testing for DWI Courts, Veterans Courts, and Drug Courts.


Intensive Monitoring Programs

Automate 24/7 Sobriety, Day Reporting, and other high volume testing programs.



Randomized testing, scheduling and reporting to simultaneously monitor clients of all risk levels.


Pretrial Release

Providing a cost-efficient option for releasing and monitoring lower income pretrial defendants.

Breathalyzer Kiosk

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