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A 2017 study found that an estimated 1 in 8 adult Americans now have alcohol dependencies. While an addiction certainly should not disqualify a person from making a living, alcohol dependencies can pose a significant threat in safety-sensitive work settings.

Breathalytics | Private Industry | Transportation


Companies that bear the responsibility of transporting large vehicles like trucks, buses, trains, and airplanes are held to the highest standard of safety by the court of public opinion. When isolated incidents of impaired drivers and pilots appear in the media, it’s still the company’s brand that takes the hit.


As these incidents have become more common in recent years, countries like Taiwan and India have implemented mandates to test pilots before every flight. In the US, there is still an opportunity for proactive companies to take leadership roles in setting a new standard of safety. Not only will this reduce the likelihood of preventable accidents, it will help build customer brand loyalty in industries where safety is paramount.


Breathalytics will work with transportation companies to provide a network of kiosks in the most convenient areas for testing. Kiosks can be stationed across airports, in truck stops, and in bus stations for tests to be taken without wasting time. All test results are sent immediately to safety coordinators, allowing for immediate intervention before a small incident becomes a PR nightmare.

Breathalytics | Private Industry | Treatment Centers

Treatment Centers

One of the most basic responsibilities of a treatment center is ensuring that residents remain substance-free throughout the duration of their stay. Months of progress can be squandered with even a single lapse in willpower, making it extremely critical that residents do not perceive an opportunity to consume alcohol without detection.


Simultaneously, treatment centers are challenged to maintain an environment that is free from judgment, allowing for the staff to make meaningful breakthroughs with residents. If your staff is asked to continuously monitor your residents for potential alcohol consumption, this can quickly erode trust and build an association of your staff as authoritative figures.


The Breathalytics platform can enable you to create an environment of complete abstinence without compromising trust between your staff and residents. Scheduling regular testing windows each day that residents must complete will eliminate any perceived possibility to avoid detection.

Breathalytics | Private Industry | Safety Sensitive Worksites

Safety-Sensitive Worksites

In surveying numerous private sector organizations with higher risk work environments, we have found that many of them would like to exceed the minimum federal requirements for alcohol testing. However, the current cost of workplace alcohol screening is so high that the return on investment is difficult to justify.


The Breathalytics platform can significantly reduce the cost of alcohol screening. Rather than sending staff to a private testing facility in the middle of the workday, a kiosk can be installed on premise so that tests can be administered in the normal flow of the work day. The savings in both time and cost provide a much greater ROI in the form of lowered risk and potential insurance discounts.


Our cloud-based software can generate macro reports to easily demonstrate the measures you are taking to keep your employees safe. Multiple kiosks can be provided to accommodate organizations of all sizes, in any setting from manufacturing floors, to construction sites, to oil rigs, to warehouse outlets.

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